MARTE STUDIO is one of the main VFX and Animation studios in Latin America and where I took my first steps into the animation world and learned from the best artists and professionals you could find in Costa Rica.

Following are some of the commercial work I was lucky to help as a CG artist between 2010-2013, along each video there's a small description of my role in them.

All credits and video courtesy of Marte Studio


Modeling  Rigging and texturing of the hero characters and end Logo Animation


In this comMercial I helped with the hyper-cartoony rigs and animation


On this commercial I did the Doctor modeling which was a modification on the crazy peanut from above, the rig and animation

DR. Mani y Mister Tapa

For this one I did the modeling and rigging of the Doctor Character


The first commercial I was able to work, I collaborated with the modeling and rigging of the ciclops and snail alien character.