I can provide meaningful conversations

Johel Rivera 

/ Ho-El Rih-VAIR-ruh /

Animation-Production Design-Story

An INTP involved in arts, a weird combination by itself. However in stories I've found one of the greatest puzzles to solve, and an ever growing love that teaches me a lot every single day.

Born and raised in Costa Rica in 1989. By 2007 I started studying architecture for almost one full catastrophic  year, later I found Digital Animation at Veritas University. When I was about to start my thesis I won a juicy scholarship that send me far away from home to SCAD and into Sequential Art.

In a few words: I am a rollercoaster enthusiast, sandwich connoisseur and guitar aficionado. I'm also a son and a brother.  I also watch math videos for fun.

In between sketchbooks I find my peace, therefore that's where I can usually be found.

The concept of healing through storytelling has been the basis of my research, and my stories develop around that idea.  Stories have the power to make the world a better place, and is our role and responsibility to make that happen.

I've become quite savvy with several roles down the pipeline, from writing, design, animation to final compositing and everything else in between, in an industry that asks for specialization this may seem like a draw back but I like to believe in the heart of renaissance. A widespread view that allows a new perspective on the whole production. To design with views on that which is greater than the sum of its parts. 



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